Actual Transparent Window


Thanks to Actual Transparent Window any user can establish window transparency levels in order to improve his productivity when working on the desktop


Give your windows different transparency levels

February 16, 2022
7 / 10

There are plenty of options out there to customize Windows, being the most popular among users those that allow them to organize their desktop space as they wish. Actual Transparent Window operates in this area, taking care of window management.

Make your Windows windows transparent

This tool allows us to establish different levels of window transparency to help the user to work in a more organized manner with different applications at the same time, being able to overlay one on top of the other without losing information.


  • Individual transparency level for each window between 0% (fully opaque) and 100% (totally transparent).
  • Possibility to make only the inactive windows transparent.
  • Make windows transparent when they're moved or resized.
  • Double-click on the bar to make a window transparent or opaque.
  • Button on the bar to set the transparency of each window.
  • Ghost mode.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version allows us to use the product for 7 days.
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