Desktop Improvements for Windows

Modify and adapt the aspect of your workspace on your Windows desktop, by adding new functions to the latter, thanks to this customization software

DimScreen 1.1 English

Adjust your monitor's brightness

MaxiVista 4.0.12 English
MaxiVista 4.0.12

Use up to four computers to extend your desktop

Clover 3.5.4 English
Clover 3.5.4

Multi-tab function for Windows Explorer

Vista Sidebar 3.1 English

Get hold of the Vista widgets on Windows XP

Classic Shell 4.3.1 English

Tricks and settings for the start menu and the explorer

Classic Start Menu 6.8 English

Recover the original appearance of your start menu

RocketDock 1.3.5 English
RocketDock 1.3.5

Get you hands on the Mac OS X dock for Windows

StartIsBack 2.9.17 English
StartIsBack 2.9.17

Put your Windows 7 Start menu on Windows 8

Start8 English

Add a start menu to your Windows 8

Multibar English

A useful toolbar to be placed on your desktop

Bexplorer 2020.03.15.1304 RC English
Bexplorer 2020.03.15.1304 RC

Alternative to Windows file explorer

Multi-Tabber 1.0 English

Split your work into several virtual desktops

DeskSpace English

Original virtual desktop manager with 3D effects

MagicTweak 6.20 English

Improve and customize the Windows environment

QuickLook 3.7.1 English
QuickLook 3.7.1

Quick view of our files by pressing the space bar

WindowSpace 2.6.3 English

Easily handle desktop windows

Companel 2 English

Create new shortcuts in My PC and in the control panel

Fences English

Improve your desktop's organization

SphereXP English

View your Windows desktop in 3D

Actual Transparent Window 8.14.6 English

Give your windows different transparency levels

Pokki English

Recover the Start menu in Windows 8

CloseAll 5.6 English

Close open windows

TopDesk English

Change quicker between windows

WindowsPager 1.02 English

Improve your organization with virtual desktops

Virtual Flower Pot Windows Gadget English
Virtual Flower Pot Windows Gadget

A virtual flower pot for your desktop

Aura 3 English
Aura 3

Make the color of the windows change depending on the web you visit

Desktops 2.01 English
Desktops 2.01

Application that allows you to work with four virtual desktops using Windows