Desktop Improvements for Windows

Modify and adapt the aspect of your workspace on your Windows desktop, by adding new functions to the latter, thanks to this customization software

Nimi Places English

Organize your desktop depending on the use of your PC

360desktop Beta English
360desktop Beta

Change your desktop to a panoramic view in a matter of seconds

Windows Sidebar XP 6.0 English

Install Windows Sidebar on Windows XP

DeskHedron 1.0 English

Browse comfortably between several different 3D virtual desktops

DeskSpace English

Original virtual desktop manager with 3D effects

Vista Rainbar 4.3 English

Get hold of Vista's sidebar for your Windows XP

CubeDesktop NXT 2.14.0220 English
CubeDesktop NXT 2.14.0220

Up to 16 virtual desktops in a 3D environment

StartIsBack 2.1.2 English

Put your Windows 7 Start menu on Windows 8

Vista Sidebar 3.1 English

Get hold of the Vista widgets on Windows XP

ObjectDock 2.20 English

Install a highly customizable dock on your desktop

Multibar Beta English
Multibar Beta

A useful toolbar to be placed on your desktop

Jumplist Launcher 7.21 English

Create, manage and group Jump Lists for Windows 7

Yahoo! Widgets 4.5.2 English

Collection of several utilities for your desktop

Dexpot English

Easily manage various virtual desktops

MagicTweak 4.12 English

Improve and customize the Windows environment

Virtual Desktop Manager English

Four virtual desktops on the same PC

Color Control Panel Applet 1.0 English

Incorporate new color functions to your operating system

Shock 4Way 3D 1.29 English

Work with four desktops at the same time

Fences 3.09 English
Fences 3.09

Improve your desktop's organization

MaxTo 2011.10.1.0 English
MaxTo 2011.10.1.0

Make the most of your screen by dividing it into several areas

Nexus Dock 18.5 English

Enjoy the comfort of the Mac dock on Windows

AltDesk 1.9.1 English
AltDesk 1.9.1

Manage various desktops simultaneously

MiniBin English

Place the recycle bin in the system tray

Aura 3 English
Aura 3

Make the color of the windows change depending on the web you visit

mDesktop 1.7.2 English
mDesktop 1.7.2

Get hold of more desktop space

RetroUI Pro 4.0.1 English
RetroUI Pro 4.0.1

Use the Windows 7 interface in Windows 8

Decor8 1.0.1 English
Decor8 1.0.1

Decorate your Windows 8 desktop

Talisman Desktop 3.3.3300 English

Renovate the aspect of your desktop

SphereXP English

View your Windows desktop in 3D

Taskbar Magnifier English

Magnify areas of the screen from your taskbar

Key Launch 2.0 English

Application launcher, use your keyboard to launch your programs

Launchy 2.5 English
Launchy 2.5

Fantastic and fast application launcher

RocketDock 1.3.5 English
RocketDock 1.3.5

Get you hands on the Mac OS X dock for Windows

SmartStartMenu 1.55 English

Find your applications as quicklu as possible

TransBar 1.4.2 English
TransBar 1.4.2

Make the Windows toolbar transparent

Desktops 2.0 English

Application that allows you to work with four virtual desktops using Windows

Appetizer English

Organize you applications in a toolbar similar to the Mac OSX dock

Launch 1.2 English
Launch 1.2

The perfect substitute for the Run dialog in the Start menu

Default Programs Editor 2.7.2675 English

Useful application to manage settings in the Default Programs Control Panel page

WinExt 1.03 English
WinExt 1.03

New toolbar for your operating system