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Classic Shell offers you the possibility to return aspects from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Vista. Download Classic Shell and adapt the Windows interface

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Classic Shell is a tool that allows you to carry out small modifications to the start menu and the file explorer of Windows 7 or Vista. If you were comfortable with Windows XP and you find it difficult to get used to the features of the interface of the new operating systems, Classic Shell can transform the things that you like least to adapt them to your way of working.

Customize aspects of your operating sytem

With this application, you can make the start menu have the same appearance as that of Windows XP. You can even choose between various skins, and if you want the menu to divide into two columns. Classic Shell also gives you the possibility to configure the file explorer to your own liking, returning the "move up" button that has disappeared, for example.

A very useful function of Classic Shell is the incorporation to the explorer of a buttons bar with which you will have the options that are used most in a perfect place: copy, paste, eliminate or properties, among others.

Classic Shell will provide people nostalgic for Windows XP with the features that they miss.

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Antony Peel
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