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If you use Windows 8, you have to download Pokki free, a tool to cover the start menu with its traditional features and some new very interesting ones


Recover the Start menu in Windows 8

May 8, 2018
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One of the most striking innovations of Windows 8 is that it no longer includes a Start menu. Many users have complained about it, used to using this menu in prior versions of the operating system. Pokki is an application that recovers the Start menu for Windows 8 users.

Access all your applications, notifications and more with a click.

Once you install Pokki on Windows 8 you'll be able to use the Start menu adapted to the new OS by Microsoft. Not only will you have access to the installed programs, but also to notifications, favorites, searches and to the 'missing' button to turn the PC off. Furthermore, Pokki allows you to pin all sorts of applications to the taskbar, even cloud applications, and offers an app shop.


  • Recover the Start menu on Windows 8.
  • Easily access installed programs.
  • Carry out all kinds of searches instantly on the OS: applications and programs, files, control panels, etc.
  • Receive real time notifications.
  • Create your own selection of favorites.
  • Use web services like desktop applications.
  • Access the 'Control Panel' directly.
  • Deactivate 'Hot Corners'.
  • Obtain new applications and games free thanks to the Pokki App Store.

Pokki shop

With Pokki not only will you be able to organize all the contents of Windows 8 in a more convenient way, but also obtain all types of applications for free by means of the Pokki App Store. There are hundreds of programs awaiting you, from email clients to games like Angry Birds. Installing it is very easy.

Download Pokki for free and enjoy a renovated Start menu and taskbar.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires an Internet connection to complete the installation.
Héctor Hernández

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