InstantStorm is a tool to create screensavers from Flash files. Download InstantStorm free and create screensavers with all of your favorite videos


Easily transform Flash videos into screensavers

October 21, 2014
8 / 10

With InstantStorm you will be able to decorate your computer with your favorite videos. It is a program that will allow you to convert files in SWF format into screensavers. InstantStorm is free and very easy-to-use. You only need to have the SWF file and it will generate an executable that will automatically install the screensaver on your computer.

Main features

  • It has an assistant to make the process of creating the screensaver very easy and quick.
  • It allows to customize the features of the screensaver.
  • You can preview what the screensaver will look like before creating it.
  • You can configure an image as the icon for the installer.

Instant Storm is very easy-to-use. You will only have to select the name of the screensaver, choose the SWF files, preview the video to check that is it the proper one, choose an image to decorate the icon of the screensaver and last of all, create the installer. Once you install it will install the screensaver automatically on your computer.

Don't think about it twice and download InstantStorm free. You will be able to convert your favorite videos into screensavers to liven up the moments of inactivity on your computer

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