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Folder Colorize is a tool that allows you to change the color of folders. Download Folder Colorizer for free and classify all your folders by colors


Give Windows Explorer some color

January 25, 2021
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Are you tired of always viewing the same yellow you use to color your folders? Folder Colorizer is a tool with which you'll be able to customize the color of your computer's folders with a couple of clicks. As well as coloring the folders, Folder Colorizer will help you to be able to classify the folder more easily based on colors.

Easy to use

When you install Folder Colorizer you won't have to open any program, because it integrates in the Explorer menu. To change the color of a folder you only have to select it, click with the right button and in the Colorize! Section you will find the preset colors. Choose the color that you like most and the folder that you want to change.

Is Windows Explorer too boring? Give it some color!

Folder Colorizer also allows you to configure other colors by means of the Colors option. You'll be able to add to the menu of Folder Colorize the colors that you want from the color palette. And to return the folders to their original color, you'll have to choose the "Restore original color" option.

This is how simple it is to color in the Windows folders with Folder Colorizer. Don't wait any longer to download Folder Colorizer for free.

Requirements and additional information:

  • An email account is required to activate the software for free.
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