PaperPlane Smart Launch
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PaperPlane Smart Launch works like an application launcher for Windows that also provides the operating system with a visual aspect similar to an iPad


Customize your Windows desktop to look like an iPad

February 24, 2016
8 / 10

There are plenty of ways to customize our Windows desktop and one of them allows us to make it look like an iPad. You can do so thanks to PaperPlane Smart Launch, which will turn your Windows desktop into a screen similar to Apple's iOS tablet.

The best way to integrate iOS into Windows.

This program provides us with a new theme based on the iPad's appearance. But apart from aesthetic point of view, it also offers us faster access to applications, improved organization and total customization.

Main features

Thanks to this Windows launcher you can make use of the following features on your computer:

  • Desktop with an aspect similar to Apple's application launcher.
  • Improved access to applications, files, URLs and documents.
  • Organize your apps, files, links and folders by groups.
  • Make use of multiple desktops.
  • Use mouse shortcuts.
  • Drag & drop function and right click enabled to add shortcuts.
  • Restorable automatic backups.
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