Wallpapers and desktop themes for Windows

Let our wallpapers for Windows computers guide you through the process and advise you about customizing your desktop background with stunning images

God of War 3 Theme English

God of War 3 desktop theme

WebShots Desktop English
WebShots Desktop

Download a wide range of photos and wallpapers

Windows 7 DreamScene Activator 1.1 English

Use videos as desktop wallpaper with DreamScene

Oceanis Change Background Windows 7 English

Change the wallpaper of Windows 7 automatically

Wallpaper Master Freeware 2.16 English
Wallpaper Master Freeware 2.16

Change your wallpaper in the most comfortable manner

Tweaks.com Logon Changer 3.1.0 English

Customize your logon screen

Logon Screen Rotator 4.4 English

Change the Windows logon screen randomly

Tux Walk 1.0 English

Watch Tux walking around your desktop

NASA Hidden Universe English

Open up your desktop to space thanks to NASA

Hello Kitty Wallpaper English

Establish Hello Kitty as your desktop wallpaper

Animated Wallpaper Maker 4.4.12 English

Easily create animated wallpapers for your computer

The Hunger Games Theme English

Desktop theme of The Hunger Games

John's Background Switcher English

Provide you desktop wallpapers with something more

SyncWall 2.0.0 English
SyncWall 2.0.0

Automate the wallpaper changing cycles

Magentic English

Get hold of new wallpapers and screensavers

Skins.Be Downloader 0.5 English

A complete collection of desktop wallpapers

Mosaic Desktop 1.0.301 English

Apply Windows 8's wallpaper to your desktop

Google Wallpaper English

Change your wallpaper for random images

DeskScapes 8.51 English

Customize your desktop with videos

PaperPlane Smart Launch English

Customize your Windows desktop to look like an iPad

Okozo English

Enjoy an animated wallpaper

BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer 13.06 English

Automatically change your desktop wallpaper

Wally 2.4.5 English
Wally 2.4.5

Change your background wallpaper as many times as you want

HomeGallery 3.0 English

Automatically renew your desktop wallpaper

MuralPix 1.07 English
MuralPix 1.07

Change your wallpapers with multiple options

Wallpaper Changer 1.0.1 English

Tired of always looking at the same wallpaper on your desktop?

Fortnite Wallpapers Pack English

Pack of wallpapers for Fortnite

L.A. Noire Wallpaper Pack English

Wallpapers based on the video game L.A. Noire

Bolt Wallpaper English

Place Bolt on your desktop

Egiptomania Wallpapers 1.0 English

Desktop wallpapers with images of Egypt

WallMagician English

Automate the wallpaper changing

DesktopSnowOK 5.88 English

An animation with snowdrops on your desktop

Wallcast 0.98 English
Wallcast 0.98

Transform your desktop into a collage

Apophysis 2.09 English
Apophysis 2.09

Create your own wallpapers with fractal calculations

EarthDesk 7.2.4 English
EarthDesk 7.2.4

The full world for your desktop wallpaper

LOST 3.2 English
LOST 3.2

Place the characters from Lost on your desktop

Showroom 1.0.05 English
Showroom 1.0.05

Change your wallpaper whenever you want

Twilight Wallpaper English
Twilight Wallpaper

Place the most famous vampires at present on your desktop

Moon Shadow II XP & Vista Theme English
Moon Shadow II XP & Vista Theme

Great theme to customize Windows XP and Vista

Shock Desktop 3D 0.5 English

Get hold of a 3D desktop