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Showroom is a software application in charge of managing desktop wallpaper automatically. Download Showroom for free and change the aspect of your desktop


Change your wallpaper whenever you want

August 9, 2010
6 / 10

Showroom is a small utility that will allow us to modify the desktop wallpaper dynamically and without having to worry about it. We'll simply have to indicate where it can find the images that we want to use to decorate the desktop and the time that we want each one to be visible, and the program will take care of carrying out the changes automatically.

Automatically change your wallpaper

Thanks to Showroom, we'll only have to have a folder with all the wallpapers that we would like to use, because this software will take care of stretching, cutting or creating mosaics with the images based on what we choose in the configuration. Thus, we'll always see what we want.

The interface used by Showroom is rather simple, but this is mainly due to the fact that it's also very easy to use, it's organized into tabs and it will even allow us to choose the background color for those images that don't fill the full screen.

Showroom works perfectly, so if you need an application that will automatically change your desktop wallpaper every certain amount of time, just download it and try it out.

Antony Peel

A Telecommunications Engineer, chance led me to the translation industry, where after a few years, I discovered another side of the world of technology while translating what others were writing about mobile applications and software. That...