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With SkyFonts it is much easier to browse the wide range of free fonts of Google Fonts. Download SkyFonts for free and download your favourite fonts


Download the fonts of Google Fonts

October 21, 2020
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SkyFonts allows you to synchronise the fonts of Google Fonts on your desktop. Thus, you can get hold of the letterpresses that interest you most in a simple and rapid manner.

More than 1,000 fonts available. is a website that provides the user with a wide range of fonts, both for free or paid. Now, by means of the SkyFonts application, not only can you access this catalog, but you can also get hold of the open source fonts of Google Fonts.

Advantages of using SkyFonts

With just one click you can have your favourite fonts of Google Fonts synchronised and ready to be used on your computer. SkyFonts allows you to manage the fonts by Google from the website and, once downloaded, you can directly access the folder in which they are stored.

  • Simple download of the fonts of Google Fonts to your PC.
  • Possibility to use them without a connection.
  • Automatic update of fonts.

Download SkyFonts for free and get hold of the largest collection of open source letterpress fonts.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires .NET Framework 4.0 and other components that will be installed automatically if necessary.
  • Requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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