Girl Soccer Screensaver

Girl Soccer Screensaver is a screensaver in which you will be able to see photos of attractive female soccer players. Download Girl Soccer Screensaver now


Enjoy these incredible football images

July 13, 2010
6 / 10

The majority of users think that the screensavers included within the Windows operating systems are rather dull and boring, and the truth is that they are right, watching a set of lines moving around the screen or even bubbles that appear from nowhere isn't at all interesting, despite the fact that they accomplish their function perfectly well.

That is why we offer you something totally different, and that the vast majority of soccer and photo enthusiasts will like Girl Soccer Screensaver. In this spectacular screensaver, we'll be able to enjoy a set of incredible photos of Asian models playing football on a pitch that is totally full of mud.

Soccer, girls, and mud for your screensaver

The photos stand out due to the great professionalism with which they have been taken and can be seen clearly that they have been enhanced digitally to accomplish the best possible result. More than one sports fan will notice the resemblance of the images with those that are seen yearly in the alternative to the Super Bowl, the renowned Lingerie Bowl.

As well as the pics we will be able to enjoy the music that has been selected to accompany them, so, if you want to enjoy an alternative screensaver on your computer, download and install Girl Soccer Screensaver.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version has certain limitations.
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