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IconPackager allows you to customize your PC to your own taste with several icons and cursors. Give your PC a special touch by downloading IconPackager free


Customize your PC with original icons

March 2, 2019
6 / 10

IconPackager makes it possible for us to customize our computer by creating different icons and cursors. With this simple but complete program, we'll be able to edit or change all the icons and even organize them as we find more appropriate.

Customize the icons of your programs

If you're a bit fed up seeing everything the same on your computer, IconPackager has various collections from which you will be able to choose those you like most, with the added possibility to import the icons that you find over the web. In a very simple and visual manner, we will be able to choose those that we like most or even one that we have created ourselves, and IconPackager will change all the icons. As a result of the latter, we'll end up with a new appearance for our PC, that we will be able to customize as much as we want.

Modifying what the folders, applications, cursors, hard drives, and other elements look like is really simple thanks to IconPackager. Thus, you'll manage to totally customize your computer to your own liking, adapting it to your needs with the aspect of your choice.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version has certain limitations.
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