Powershell Glass


Powershell Glass applies the Aero visualization mode to PowerShell and Cmd.exe. Download Powershell Glass free and you will see the desktop behind them


Make your powershell and cmd windows transparent with Aero

November 3, 2009
6 / 10

One of the most attractive elements of Windows Vista is the Aero visualization mode, that among other things allows you to make the system's windows transparent. Powershell Glass is a small utility that, once activated, allows you to apply the Aero effects to both the frame as well as the window of the favorite tools of the command line lovers.

Apply Aero to CMD and PowerShell

We are talking about the Windows Powershell console and the Cmd.exe command interpreter, which is the successor of the famous MS-DOS command.com. Thus, provided that Powershell Glass is activated we'll be able to view the desktop wallpaper while we write our commands.

Ideal for those people that really like Aero.

The program lets us know that it is activated through a small icon that appears on the taskbar. One of the things that we miss is the possibility to configure the transparency level. Regardless of the latter, it is an amusing tool that gives our computer a geek touch.

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