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Evil Apples is a game for adults where you have to respond to ideas or approaches with the help of cards and then a judge decides the best response


Choose the card with the most ingenious answer

December 20, 2021
7 / 10

Evil Apples is a rather irreverent game aimed at adult audiences. It is a social game in which you have to gather several friends and, in turns, each one of them has to be the judge.

Choose the best answer to the question or idea raised

The mechanics of the game are very simple as you simply have to respond to a commonly launched approach. One of the players has to be the judge, since he is rotating, while the other three try to find the best answer. To do this, each player has a series of cards that he has to play as he sees fit depending on the situation at hand. For example: I think they all look good in Tinder until... and then you answer with one of the cards. The judge decides which one is the funniest and the person who proposed it gets a point.

These online games are decided when one of the players gets 7 points. These are the rest of the main features:

  • 4 game modes.
  • More than 4,000 cards to play.
  • Play with people close to you thanks to the GPS.
  • Play with your Twitter and Facebook friends.
  • Share the game code with your friends to participate all together in one.
  • Communicate with other users via chat.
  • Throw away cards you don't like.

Requirements and additional information:

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