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Extra 1X2 is a tool that will help you to be able to place bets on the Spanish 'Quiniela'. Download Extra 1X2 free and increases your chance of wining money

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The possibilities of winning in a game of chance such as the lottery, are generally very low. That is why any help comes in handy, especially when it helps us increase our chances to win. Even more so when these correct guesses mean more money in our pockets. With Extra 1X2 our possibilities to win the Quiniela (Spanish football pools) will increase because it includes a series of possibilities to improve the chances to win.

Win the pools and get rich

Every week Extra 1X2 connects to the update server to download the statistics related to the matches that are going to be played that weekend, thanks to which we'll be able to know who wins most matches between the two teams, the program also offers you the possibility to edit the statistics and probabilities to your own liking.

Once we have updated the probabilities, this software includes different algorithms that reduce and combine the possibilities to help us win.

Furthermore, since it's common knowledge that many groups place the bets jointly, Extra 1X2 allows you to export the bets as a text file, making it very easy to print them or send them via e-mail.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version doesn't allow to print nor generate the combination on a magnetic support.
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