Home and Leisure Software for Windows

The best collection of applications for your free time, hobbies and leisure can be found in this category of home and leisure software for Windows

Proteus 8.17.36901.0 English
Proteus 8.17.36901.0

Electronic circuit and microprocessor simulator

NI Multisim Student Edition 14.3 English
NI Multisim Student Edition 14.3

The best software to design PCBs

DeepNude 2.0.2 English
DeepNude 2.0.2

Generate fake nude photos using artificial intelligence

PSpice Student 9.1 English
PSpice Student 9.1

Very good circuit analysis software

Wilcom Truesizer 2.8.170 English

Change the size of your sowing designs

Desktop Goose 0.3 English

Adopt a goose on your PC desktop

OrCAD 17.2 English
OrCAD 17.2

The best tool to design PCBs

PCB Wizard 3.60 English

Software to design circuit boards

DreamTime 1.5.12 English
DreamTime 1.5.12

Create nudes with artificial intelligence

LabVIEW 2024 Q1 English
LabVIEW 2024 Q1

Development environment for industrial applications

SofaScore English

Windows app for sports results

HTC Home 3.0.620.0 English
HTC Home 3.0.620.0

Check the weather from your Desktop

AccuWeather 10.0.348.1000 English
AccuWeather 10.0.348.1000

The most accurate weather forecast

Livewire Standard 1.60 English
Livewire Standard 1.60

Design and simulate electronic circuits

KiCad 6.0.9 English
KiCad 6.0.9

Tool for creating electrical diagrams and printed circuit boards

SEE Electrical LT English

Create electricity projects and their documentation

Fake Voice 7.0 English

Transform your voice to make it sound different

MorphVOX Pro 4.4.78 English
MorphVOX Pro 4.4.78

Morph your voice to make it sound like an evil assassin or a robot

Logisim 2.7.1 English
Logisim 2.7.1

Learn everything to be known about digital circuits

AstroWorld 2001 English
AstroWorld 2001

Get to know the secrets of astrology with this program

MSN Weather 4.53.33420.0 English
MSN Weather 4.53.33420.0

MSN's weather app

ProfiCAD 12.4.2 English
ProfiCAD 12.4.2

Simple tool with which you can build your electric circuits

Digital Physiognomy 1.83 English

Analyze the physiognomy of a person from their facial composite

PCB 4.3.0 English
PCB 4.3.0

Carry out your own electronic designs with this software

STOIK Stitch Creator English

Create cross-stitch canvases very easily

Athan Basic 4.5 English
Athan Basic 4.5

Remember the five daily prayers

Snap Camera 1.4.0 English

Snapchat's filters on your PC

Resistance Calculator 3.0 r1 English

Calculate the value of a resistance according to its casing's color

Extra 1X2 3.1 English

Software to improve your chances in 'La Quiniela'

Talking Ginger English
Talking Ginger

Look after and play with Ginger

Weather Display 10.37S Build 138 English
Weather Display 10.37S Build 138

Analyze the information of your weather station

Lotto Pro English
Lotto Pro

Play the lottery and increase your chances to win money

Global Weather 3D 3.3 English

Appealing program to know the weather forecast all over the world

jKiwi 0.9.5 English
jKiwi 0.9.5

Virtual makeup at your reach

WeatherBar English

Discover the weather forecast from the W7 taskbar

Zelscope 1.05 English
Zelscope 1.05

Have a complete oscilloscope on your desktop

Origami Master 1.0 English

Discover all the secret techniques of this Oriental art

BoneLab English

Find out the name and the position of each bone of the human body

YoWindow 4 Build 108 English
YoWindow 4 Build 108

Get to know the weather forecast in a surprising way

Funny Voice 1.4 English

Play with your voice with this software

GenoPro 2018 English
GenoPro 2018

Create your family tree with all its important information

Weather Watcher Live 7.2.262 English
Weather Watcher Live 7.2.262

Your personal weather station straight on your desktop

Nacsport Basic 6.0 English
Nacsport Basic 6.0

Video analysis tool for sports training

Kinovea 0.9.5 English
Kinovea 0.9.5

Improve your training by analyzing your movements

The Mirror of Beauty English

Find out how a change of look would suit you

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5.28 English

Play with your voice adding entertaining effects

SportTracks 3.1.70002 English
SportTracks 3.1.70002

Analyze your performance and indicate your routes

Scramby English

Modify your voice and add effects to any conversation

Memorization Master English

Test your memory with this simple program

Sports League 4.6.4 English

Manage football leagues or other sports competitions

WeatherAlert English

Very practical utility to know the weather in your city

EcoEuroMillions 1.62 English

Optimize your chances of winning the Euromillions European lottery

My Recipe Book Professional 4.5 English

Keep all your cooking recipes sorted and in order

Cooking Aficionado Professional 3.1 English
Cooking Aficionado Professional 3.1

Manage your recipes in the most comfortable way possible

BFruit 0.1.2 English
BFruit 0.1.2

Slot machine for PC

Medical Calendar 6.3 English

A medical scheduler

CookDiary English

Your perfect help for the kitchen

Perfect365 English

Make up with a single click

Workrave 1.10.48 English
Workrave 1.10.48

Prevent injuries caused by the position used when working on a PC

CookBook+Calendar 3.9 English

A recipe book and a calendar in a single application

Recipes Ship 1.2 English

The easiest way to save your recipes

Puntotek 2.8.44 English
Puntotek 2.8.44

Create sketches for your cross-stitching embroidery

Calorie Balance Diet 4.0.8 English

Controls the calories you eat

Sortea2 1.0 English
Sortea2 1.0

An application to carry out random draws

UEFA Informer Gadget English

Gadget to keep up with the latest football results

Weather1 9.02 English
Weather1 9.02

Know the weather of your city in real time

DigyTarot 8.4.8 English
DigyTarot 8.4.8

Essential application for people interested in tarot cards

Fitbit 2019.1002.645.0 English
Fitbit 2019.1002.645.0

Monitor your physical activity from Windows

Earth Alerts 2019.1.70 English
Earth Alerts 2019.1.70

All natural catastrophes under control

Zodiac 3.99c English
Zodiac 3.99c

Generate the natal chart of anyone you know to predict their future

Private Coach 2.6.0 English

A complete personal trainer on your computer

Paper Airplane Factory 1.5.1 2003 English

Create perfect paper planes on your computer

DeformerPro 1.0 English

Edit and enhance your photos to make them funnier