Calorie Balance Diet


With Calorie Balance Diet you'll be able to control that amount of calories you eat. Download Calorie Balance Diet for free and create customized menus


Controls the calories you eat

May 30, 2019
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Calorie Balance Diet, that used to be known as Calorie Balance Tracker, is a practical application thanks to which you'll be able to control the calories that you eat and program your exercise tables, in such a way that it will be very easy for you to lose weight or to increase your muscle level.

Various studies state that practicing moderate sport and exercise and keeping control of the number of calories that are eaten during a day is the key to be able to control somebody's weight in the long run. Calorie Balance Diet provides you with all the tools necessary to be able to accomplish these objectives.

Main features

  • Creation of customized menus, with the possibility to choose between a wide range of food and select the portions of each of them.
  • Control of the energy balance of each of the food products, as well as the amount of carbon hydrates, proteins and fat that they contain.
  • Generate exercise tables.
  • Follow the progress of our weight.

Create a diet according to your needs thanks to Calorie Balance Diet.

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