Memorization Master

Memorization Master is a mental training method. This number game will make you exercise your memory. Download Memorization Master free on your PC

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As of late, and thanks to the well known Brain Age (Brain Training, in PAL region), games that test our wit and memory have become very popular. Memorization Master is one of these games, that proposes an interesting challenge: Remember up to 20 numbers.

  It may seem that with a bit of practice remembering 20 numbers can't be very complicated, nevertheless, the method that Memorization Master uses introduces a variation that makes things a lot more difficult.

  - First it shows us 20 numbers.
- After this we have to solve a series of sums.
- And to finish it will ask us again to say the 20 numbers.

  Thus, they eliminate the possibility of repeating the memorized numbers over and over, because as soon as we see them we will have to solve the mathematical operations correctly.

  Each time we launch the application, the application will save our results, so that we can later see them as a graphic. Thanks to this it isn't very complicated to notice our progress over time.
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