Avoid injuries caused by your position when you work on a computer. Download Workrave free of charge, it will help you to maintain your body healthy


Prevent injuries caused by the position used when working on a PC

September 13, 2021
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There are people that believe that working in front of a screen doesn't imply any kind of risk, if this is your case, probably your back, feet and arms don't think the same. All workers have to rest to prevent the risk of injuries caused due to their body position when working.

Thanks to Workrave your body won't suffer so much. This is a pack of tools dedicated to the improvement of your health when working on the computer. In it you will be able to find a chronometer with which you can control the resting time as well as an exercise guide that you can follow to be able to stretch your muscles.

Avoid injuries caused by bad positions at work

The exercises are specially designed for people that spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Workrave provides a good method to prevent injuries due to repetitive tasks as is this case. Use the planner to establish the micro-pause periods, pauses and limit the daily activity. You can establish the hindrances that you suffer once the time is finished and assign sounds to all the notifications. You will even have specific statistical data to control all your activities.

Stay healthy and in good shape and avoid that your body suffers due to the many hours that you spend in front of the computer. Complete simple physical exercises to avoid risks and schedule your activity by downloading Workrave for free. Your health will really appreciate it.

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