Health Software for Windows

Learn to live a life full of wellness with healthier habits thanks to the applications you'll find among or health software for Windows computers

Anti Mosquitos 1.0 English

Mosquito repellent with no secondary effects

BoneLab English

Find out the name and the position of each bone of the human body

Digital Physiognomy 1.83 English

Analyze the physiognomy of a person from their facial composite

Medical Calendar 6.3 English

A medical scheduler

Halotea 1.600 English
Halotea 1.600

Relaxing nature sounds to lower tension

Calorie Balance Diet 4.0.8 English

Controls the calories you eat

SiDiary 6.2.1333 English
SiDiary 6.2.1333

An application that will help you to control your diabetes

EyeDefender 1.09 English

Rests your eyes while working at the computer

Gnaural 1.0 English
Gnaural 1.0

Encourage your brain activity with binaural beats

Workrave 1.10.1 English
Workrave 1.10.1

Prevent injuries caused by the position used when working on a PC

Private Coach 2.6.0 English

A complete personal trainer on your computer

Optimism 3.8.2 English
Optimism 3.8.2

Make yourself feel better thanks to this peculiar application

Memorization Master English

Test your memory with this simple program

AntiSmoke English

An application that will try to help you to stop smoking

PerfControl Personal Edition 1.1.1 English
PerfControl Personal Edition 1.1.1

Software to control and manage your training sessions