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Download Livewire to simulate electronic circuits. Design your own circuits and carry out virtual simulations of how they would work thanks to Livewire


Design and simulate electronic circuits

March 10, 2015
8 / 10

There are programs that are specialized in carrying out PCB tests. Livewire is one of these electronic circuit board editors, ideal to draw them and also to check how they would behave making use of animations and sounds.

When you need to check the existence of errors in the design you'll be able to simulate its behavior and detect the errors if they exist. Solve the problem beforehand and save some precious working time.


  • Virtual lab to design and carry out simulations of electronic circuits.
  • Includes tutorials and learning guides to start to use the program.
  • Assorted examples of templates that you can adapt to your projects.
  • Contains all kinds of components to carry out the tests: coils, resistors, transistors, integrated circuits...

Sophisticated electronic circuit board design and simulation software.

Work comfortably without any limitations

Drag and drop any of the hundreds of components included in the software to start designing your electronic circuit board. There as so many possibilities that there is no limit to the design except those of this discipline. Connect the components and view how the simulation takes place.

Design circuits boards and check their efficiency and performance by downloading Livewire.

Requirements and additional information:

  • In the trial version the circuit will start to disappear after 43 seconds.
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