Electronics Software for Windows

If you study or work in the world of electronics, take a look at our vast collection of PC programs to design and simulate electronic circuits

Proteus 8.8.27031.0 English
Proteus 8.8.27031.0

Electronic circuit and microprocessor simulator

NI Multisim Student Edition 14 English
NI Multisim Student Edition 14

The best software to design PCBs

PSpice Student 9.1 English
PSpice Student 9.1

Very good circuit analysis software

OrCAD 17.2 English
OrCAD 17.2

The best tool to design PCBs

Livewire Standard 1.60 English
Livewire Standard 1.60

Design and simulate electronic circuits

LabVIEW 2012 English
LabVIEW 2012

Development environment for industrial applications

ProfiCAD 6.7 English

Simple tool with which you can build your electric circuits

qucs 0.0.18 English
qucs 0.0.18

Graphical electronic circuit simulator

Logisim 2.7.1 English
Logisim 2.7.1

Learn everything to be known about digital circuits

SEE Electrical LT 2005 Build 57 English
SEE Electrical LT 2005 Build 57

Create electricity projects and their documentation

PCB Wizard 3.60 English

Software to design circuit boards

KiCad 2013.03.31 English
KiCad 2013.03.31

Create printed circuits boards and electronic schematics with this tool

PCB Artist 4.0 English

Design your electronic circuits with this easy-to-use free application

Resistance Calculator 3.0 r1 English

Calculate the value of a resistance according to its casing's color

PCB 2009-11-03 English
PCB 2009-11-03

Carry out your own electronic designs with this software

McCAD EDA Tools Lite English
McCAD EDA Tools Lite

Design printed circuit boards

Zelscope 1.05 English
Zelscope 1.05

Have a complete oscilloscope on your desktop

LCD Express English
LCD Express

Editor for LCD screens that work with the HD44780 chip

Solve Elec 2.5 English

Application ideal for electronics students

TouchHome 2.0 English

An accessible and cheap way of installing domotic control at home

SpeakHome 1.2 English

Manage your domotic home with your voice

Alhena WatchHome-S 2.4.3 English
Alhena WatchHome-S 2.4.3

Control your home from your computer or mobile