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Download Logisim for free to learn all you need to know about digital circuit logic. Simulate the functioning of an electrical circuit thanks to Logisim


Learn everything to be known about digital circuits

February 20, 2013
8 / 10

Software capable of offering analyses of printed circuit boards has become essential when it comes to designing the latter. Nevertheless, before starting the design you need to understand the circuit's logic, and to do so, there is nothing better than Logisim.

Learning how printed circuit boards work

Logisim allows you to build complex digital circuits with an interface that gathers the elements necessary to do so, such as the typical logic gates of Boolean algebra (AND, NOT, OR...) or the most common composite circuits. With its simulation functions you can check for yourself the functioning of each modification or expansion that you make.


  • Edition of projects from scratch and imported projects.
  • Export images.
  • Functioning simulation.
  • Customizable interface.
  • Great variety of elements such as conductors and associated devices, arithmetic circuits, different inputs and outputs.
  • Use of basic and composite logic gates.

Download Logisim if you're looking for a software application to learn and understand the principles of Boolean algebra applied to digital circuits.

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