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PCB is a completely free software application to design printed circuit boards. Download PCB free and check the practical and intuitive tools it includes


Carry out your own electronic designs with this software

May 3, 2021
9 / 10

Both electronics students, as well as enthusiasts, will know how to make the most of PCB, a really useful software application, that has the added bonus of being free. It has nothing to envy of the commercial applications that have thousands of options and database components. PCB has all this and more.

Design your own printed circuit boards

This program is one of the most simple and powerful printed circuit board layout tools that can be found, and its interface is totally focused on the creation of printed circuits, as well as placing the necessary components and optimizing each of the designs that we create.

The drawing tools that it includes are rather powerful, even though you'll have to get used to them to make the most of them, and it must also be said that the component database isn't as complete as it could be, but it accomplishes its task perfectly. Furthermore, in case that we need to create our own components, there won't be any problem.

All in all, this software is very interesting for electronic students and enthusiasts that want to complete PCB designs without complicating themselves.

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