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My Recipe Book Professional is a program to create a library of cooking recipes. Download My Recipe Book Professional and create files with your recipes


Keep all your cooking recipes sorted and in order

March 21, 2017
7 / 10

My Recipe Book Professional is a very useful tool to create your own recipe database. With this application you will be able to create complete files for each of your recipes, with all kinds of information, like the preparation time, the country of origin, ingredients, and even images. If you usually forget your recipes, My Recipe Book Professional will help you to have them organized and classified.

This software will come in very handy and become your ally when it comes to cooking

The application already includes some recipes, but you'll have the possibility to add your own. In the different fields of the files, you can input the name of the recipe, the time it will take to cook it, how it's prepared, and any other note that you want to add to it. It also offers you the possibility to add a photo, so as to have a visual idea of what the recipe should look like after it is finished cooking.

My Recipe Book Professional has a system so that you can classify the recipes by categories. You will also be able to carry out searches to quickly find the recipe that you are looking for. Another important feature is the glossary of words, where you will be able to find the definitions of different words. You also have a list of cooking tricks that you will be able to increase by adding your own.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version can be used 30 times, or for 15 days.
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