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DigyTarot is a foretelling system that will solve your existential doubts. Download DigyTarot and discover a modern version of the traditional Tarot


Essential application for people interested in tarot cards

March 8, 2022
6 / 10

Even though it is not one hundred percent proven, it is believed that the origins of tarot go all the way back to the Ancient Egyptian civilization. It is a fortune-telling method that puts us in contact with our interior self, helping us to meditate and grow at a spiritual level. To do so, a pack of 78 cards is used, formed by 22 Major Arcane and 56 Minor Arcane.

By using computing and new technologies, the tarot has modernized. Thus, we can have real tarot on our computer, thanks to DigyTarot.

Main features

DigyTarot is an application that will help us to solve all our doubts and will guide us along the long path of life. To do so, it put at our disposal various sections:

  • Card of the Day. Offers daily prediction to the person that seeks advice.
  • Names. Generate a prediction for a specific person, based on the name.
  • Numbers. Generates a prediction based on a chosen number.
  • Oracle. Offers a more complex reading, taking into account various things in life.
  • Another day. View readings for days in the future.
  • Biorhythms. It shows the status of our biological cycles.

If you're into tarot cards, you can't miss DigyTarot.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a trial version.
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