The best software for your hobbies on your PC

Discover the best software to make the most of your spare time and leisure activities with this list of programs to enjoy all your passions, pastimes and hobbies

Wilcom Truesizer e4 English

Change the size of your sowing designs

Crosti 1.4.0 English
Crosti 1.13.3

Create designs to do cross-stitch

Perfect365 English

Make up with a single click

Puntotek 2.8.44 English
Puntotek 2.8.44

Create sketches for your cross-stitching embroidery

STOIK Stitch Creator English

Create cross-stitch canvases very easily

jKiwi 0.9.5 English
jKiwi 0.9.5

Virtual makeup at your reach

Hair Pro 2012 English
Hair Pro 2012

Use this virtual hairdresser to see what a style change would look like

Hair Master 4 English

Choose the hairdo that suits you best

The Mirror of Beauty English

Find out how a change of look would suit you

Reference Finder 4.0.1 English

Complex program to learn paper folding

Paper Folding 3D 1.21 English

3D Origami software for your computer

Paper Airplane Factory 1.5.1 2003 English

Create perfect paper planes on your computer

Origami Master 1.0 English

Discover all the secret techniques of this Oriental art