Desktop Goose

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With Desktop Goose we will have a goose on the screen that will make us dizzy as much as possible and fill our Windows desktop with dirt. Essential


Adopt a goose on your PC desktop

September 24, 2020
10 / 10

When they tell you about essential programs for Windows, yes, they can say that if Adobe I don't know what, Spotify I don't know how many, Chrome this and Firefox that, but don't let them fool you: Desktop Goose is truly indispensable.

A goose on your PC's desktop

It is a program with which we can have a goose on the screen of our computer. And you know that geese are a bit ye-ye, so it's going to fill your desk with crap and also will do what it wants.

It is a bug that does not stop, all the time from one side to another trying to get our attention. And it's going to do it because besides capturing our mouse pointer at times, it's going to drag all kinds of windows to distract us. It will also put us in front of mini-games that must be overcome to gain a little peace of mind. To all this, it spends all the time squawking.

In short, it's a challenge for our productivity and, that is all, it is more interesting than anything else you can do with your computer ... neither Fortnite nor milks. Download it now.

Elies Guzmán

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