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PepeNude is now called DreamTime and it's an excellent DeepNude clone, a program based on deepfakes with which we can generate nudes by means of AI


Create nudes with artificial intelligence

February 8, 2021
7 / 10

When we think about artificial intelligence, our mind usually ends up turning to autonomous cars, robots capable of carrying out complicated surgery without getting tired or feeling any emotional pressure or security computer systems capable of assessing risks and always taking the right decision. Then some people also think about generating nudes. That's more or less the story behind DeepNude, a program designed to generate nude based on analyzing photos of a dressed person. Welcome to the 21st century.

An app for the prized pupils of Onan

Therefore, if you're into stalking on the person you like and having impure thoughts about him or her, now you can download their photos from Facebook and Instagram, and put them through DreamTime. The successor of PepeNude, similar to DeepNude, which will prevent you from having to ask that person to send you a real nude via WhatsApp.

It's a program with a really basic interface in which you'll only need to upload a photo and let its algorithms do all the rest to generate that nude you need so much for your self-loving moments in front of your computer screen. Enjoy!

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 7 SP1.
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Antony Peel