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Fake Voice converts your voice into that of another person and allows you to apply effects. Download Fake Voice for free and make your voice sound different

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Do you want to surprise your Messenger contacts or just have a good time by changing your voice's sound? Fake Voice is an entertaining application that will transform your voice by applying effects and distortions to the sound captured from a microphone.

Have a good time with your friends or play a joke on someone

Fake Voice is capable of converting your voice into that of another person and making it sound deep like that of a man, gentle like that of a woman, high-pitched like that of a child or broken by old age. Moreover, it allows you to add effects to your words, like echo or robot style.

To use the application, go to the Control Panel and select the microphone as the default recording device. After that, connect the microphone to the computer, launch the application and select the "Playback" option. Thus, you'll be able to listen to how your voice transforms depending on how you adjust the sliding controls provided by the application: "Pitch", "Formant", "Base Pitch" and "Noise Threshold".

Requirements and additional information:
  • If necessary, the application will install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package.
  • The application also may require that you install Personal Voice Changer Driver.
  • Once the installation is finished the program will require that you input an e-mail address to be able to use it.
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