Jokes and Funny Software for Windows

Thanks to this fun and jokes software for PC you'll be able to wind up your friends and play pranks on them straight from your Windows desktop

DeepNude 2.0.2 English
DeepNude 2.0.2

Generate fake nude photos using artificial intelligence

DreamTime 1.5.12 English
DreamTime 1.5.12

Create nudes with artificial intelligence

Snap Camera 1.4.0 English

Snapchat's filters on your PC

Fistik Draw English

Draw caricatures of your friends and then hit them

MorphVOX Pro 4.4.78 English
MorphVOX Pro 4.4.78

Morph your voice to make it sound like an evil assassin or a robot

Fake Voice 7.0 English

Transform your voice to make it sound different

Error Creator English
Error Creator

Create fun error messages and surprise your friends

Desktop Goose 0.3 English

Adopt a goose on your PC desktop

Scramby English

Modify your voice and add effects to any conversation

Talking Ginger English
Talking Ginger

Look after and play with Ginger

Funny Voice 1.4 English

Play with your voice with this software

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5.28 English

Play with your voice adding entertaining effects

BabyMaker 1.5 English

Discover what your future baby will look like

MaskImage 1.0 English

Create your own photomontages easily

Napalm 1.0 English
Napalm 1.0

Draw and write with fire on your desktop

DeformerPro 1.0 English

Edit and enhance your photos to make them funnier

HippoName 2.0 English

Let your computer help you to choose a name for your baby

Ask Guru Joe 1.42 English

Ask this funny guru anything you want