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Modify your tone and voice pitch with Voice Changer Software. Substitute your voice for another and impress your friends with Voice Changer Software

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Modifying your own voice is something that is always entertaining. Whether to have the voice of a monster and scare people or to seem like a Smurf and say silly things. Voice Changer Software will allow you to have a vast amount of voices thanks to your PC's microphone.

  The good thing about this software is that simply with the sounds that enter via the microphone, it will adjust the tone and the pitch so that it seems totally different. With all the latter, we'll be able to have a voice that seems like that of the opposite sex, like a robot or a baby. This is really entertaining, because it will be the voice that anyone on the other side of a voice chat will hear, for example.

  Furthermore, it's possible to add background sounds, or save them to be able to mix them into a song, stick them in a video or add them to a podcast, for example. The results can be recorded in MP3, a format that is almost a sound standard nowadays.

  All in all, if you want to have a good time modifying your voice, Voice Changer Software will allow you to modify many options in the most simple way and by means of a really clear interface.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires an activation code (that can be obtained in the same installation). The trial version has certain limitations.
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