Check the weather forecast information directly from your Windows 7 taskbar. Download WeatherBar free to be able to know the forecast as soon as possible


Discover the weather forecast from the W7 taskbar

September 5, 2011
8 / 10

WeatherBar will show you the weather forecast information directly on the Windows 7 operating system taskbar. That is the main difference it has to offer in comparison with other similar applications.

Integration with the Windows 7 SuperBar

Instead of alternating continuously between your common tasks and the software's window, take advantage of this innovating integration to be able to see the data directly in the W7 bar. A simple glance will provide you will all the basic information, even though you will be able to see it in more detail in the application's window.


  • Check the weather forecast for any location. Clouds, temperature, humidity and wind strength.
  • Forecast for the current day or for following days.
  • Appealing designs that show all the information graphically.

A perfect application to be able to check the weather as you go.

With the application minimized, you will be able to see the weather forecast graphically. A set of small meteorological icons in the taskbar will indicate it. The forecast if for four days. You may find the margin slightly limited. There is no way to increase it, but you will be able to configure the information update intervals in the program's settings.

WeatherBar is written in C#, and if you are interested you can always join its development group. Download WeatherBar for free and never leave the house with the wrong type of clothes.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 7.
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