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HTC Home is a widget to know the time and the weather by means animations. Download HTC Home free, it offers the weather forecast for the following days


Check the weather from your Desktop

September 18, 2015
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Since people spend so much time in front of their computers, it's interesting to be able to know what the weather is like and what the forecast following days is like from the desktop. HTC Home is a light widget with an appealing and elegant interface that shows what time it is, what the temperature will be and what weather there will be the next few days.

Watch the time and the weather from your computer

To start off, you'll have to choose the city that you want to know the forecast for. It may be the city that you're in or any other city. HTC Home shows an animation simulating the sun, the clouds, the rain or the snow, depending on the weather. It also indicates the current temperature and the minimum and maximum temperature expected. Another very interesting aspect is that it offers the forecast for the following five days.

HTC Home also offers us a different wallpaper alternative depending on the time of the day, or the weather. Furthermore, you can customize your size and the position of the widget, or anchor it to your Desktop.

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