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Nacsport is a sports training study tool designed for coaches. With this application tool, you will be able to analyze your movements and improve yourself


Video analysis tool for sports training

January 31, 2022
8 / 10

In the world of professional sports, the monitoring of training sessions and their subsequent analysis is essential if we want to improve our performance. NacSport offers you a set of tools ready to support your daily training.

Nacsport is a video analysis tool for sports coaches that lets them analyze their own or their opponents' sports performance. With it, you will be able to record the athletes' actions and later analyze in detail where improvements can be made.

The perfect tool to get you started in the world of video analysis with specialized software.

Main features

  • Analyzes all kinds of sporting events, no matter the type of discipline.
  • It lets you choose the game parameters to analyze, take data, and organize it using a customized button template.
  • The user can easily navigate through the timeline to review all the highlights, add notes, or drawings to the analysis.
  • It lets you create reports and graphs through the analysis to display complete results on a single screen.
  • Statistics can be exported for further analysis in Excel or other programs.
  • It lets you create professional presentations and add effects, music, notes, transitions, or different video clips.

Working with this tool is quite comfortable, especially because of the possibility of reorganizing the different windows on our desktop. This also lets you use two different monitors for analysis tasks, making it very useful when making comparisons between two actions, for example.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The evaluation version can be used for 30 days.
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