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With Sports League you'll be able to manage the administration of a sports competition. Download Sports League to follow a league with all its information


Manage football leagues or other sports competitions

March 24, 2021
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One of the most complicated and laborious tasks of organizing any sports competition (basketball, football, tennis, water polo,... ) is to keep track of the results and standings, that can also include details about lineups, sending-offs or scorers.

The best software to manage sports leagues

Now, thanks to Sports League, managing leagues and tournaments won't be so complex, because from a simple interface we'll be capable of keeping track of standings, results, and details of every match (even being able to add multimedia files).

We'll also be able to import data from other leagues, export the standings tables or fixtures in HTML, or upload the results straight to the Internet. The application has an automatic update system, and from the developer's website we'll be able to access a lot of extra contents (strips, badges, skins,... ).

If you're looking for an application that can help you manage and control any sports event, download Sports League right now.

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