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Study and analyze your sports performance once you download SportTracks for free. Register all your best times and improve them with the help of SportTracks


Analyze your performance and indicate your routes

March 7, 2019
8 / 10

Monitoring our progress when we practice sport is important to be able to see what level we have reached, thanks to this we will manage to encourage ourselves and consequently improve our performance. SportTracks is a software application in charge of saving the data and showing them where and how we choose.

Thanks to this software it won't be complicated to keep a personalized diary in which we can input times, notes, type of exercise or the routes that we have completed. Furthermore, the program supports several users, so that all the family can monitor their performance.

The software that any worthy runner needs

One of the best options offered by SportTracks is that it allows us to import data from a GPS, in such a way that we can know the distance that we have covered, the height or the difference in height that we have had to support. This data is very important to be able to assess our performance. What's more, SportTracks allows us to install plug-ins that easily integrate more possibilities.

On the other hand, SportTracks generates monthly summaries with the distance covered, average speed, total time or the calories that we have used up so that we can tell if one month our performance has gone down or up in comparison with other months.

Thanks to programs like this one, managing to be regular while practicing exercise and improving our performance will be much easier.

Héctor Hernández

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