4 Build 108 YoWindow proposes an innovating way to know the weather forecast for your city. Download YoWindow for free and obtain the weather information graphically
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There are many ways of obtaining the weather forecast information, but YoWindow suggests a different and surprising way to receive the weather forecast, without having to search for the information on the Internet or checking the Teletext. With this original application, it isn't even necessary to look out the window to know what the weather is like outside.

Receive the latest weather forecast on your desktop

This application shows a complete weather forecast (temperature, wind, pressure, humidity, the possibility of rain or snow, visibility, ultraviolet rays level, etc...) of the city that we select on the predetermined desktop wallpaper or the image of our choice, and it will also show other relevant information like time of dawn and dusk, lunar phase...

But the real singularity of YoWindow is that, at the same time that it shows all this information on the screen, it's capable of playing a real-time animation that simulates the meteorology of the place that you have selected, at each moment of the day.

Main features

  • View the weather information, in a customized way, by means of the activation of different panels: timeline, data, and forecast.
  • Possibility to choose YoWindow as a screensaver.
  • Real-time simulation of the meteorological conditions by applying effects on the desktop wallpaper.
  • Selection of the temperature scale.

With the free edition of the application, you can receive the forecast for the following three days and you can choose two cities as favorites to receive their corresponding meteorological information.

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Antony Peel
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