FastSum is useful to verify the integrity of the files that you download from Internet. Download FastSum and check the integrity of any of your files

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When we transfer files, specially if they are big files, or we simply burn them on to a disk, it is possible that part of its information is damaged during the process, having as a result a corrupt file that it it no longer possible to use.

  To check the integrity of any file it is useful to carry out a test known as verification or also called checksum.

  FastSum is an application based on the MD5 verification algorithm (Message-Digest Algorithm 5), design to check the integrity of any file. This algorithm generates a verification chain for each file, thus if we have two different chains for the same file, one of the two has to be corrupt.

  This demo version of FastSum also integrates a free version of Command Line Edition and the Checksum File Parser Class (PHP) tool.

  Thanks to the verifications made using FastSum, you will be able to know if a file is corrupt or has been modified with malicious intentions.
Requirements and additional information:
This is a trial version with limited use.
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