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Download FOCA and find out all sorts of information contained in the metadata of files and webs. FOCA is a great tool to carry out web security audits


Software for fingerprint and information gathering processes

November 10, 2022
8 / 10

Fingerprint and information gathering processes are quite usual in web auditing. For such purposes, you can now make use of tools like FOCA.

Can be very useful for security issues.

FOCA is a software capable of extracting metadata from files, as well as carrying out searches on servers, domains, URLs or published documents. We can analyze the metadata of files stored on our computer by just dragging and dropping them on the application or downloading them from the Internet. In this last case, the tool will create a network map, obtaining a well-structured mesh, and getting to know the users and servers that are part of the latter. With all this information we'll be obtaining the security level of any web, which can help an expert to get to know the level protection required.


  • Obtain information contained in the metadata of files.
  • Analyze on and offline files.
  • Get hold of information about user browsing habits on a DNS server.
  • Draw up a network map with all the information obtained.

All the information about files

The usefulness of using FOCA with your files lies in getting to know all sorts of details that are initially hidden. Thus, it's possible to know the exact creation date, if it has been modified or not, which program generated it, in some cases the author... You'll be able to know all these data and many more, becoming really important for your security on certain occasions.

Download FOCA and easily get to know all the information about files and webs.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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