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Privacy Eraser is a practical program to delete all the traces that we leave behind when using a computer. Download it now and protect your privacy


Delete any trace left on your computer

April 30, 2024
9 / 10

Privacy Eraser is a solution with which you'll be able to delete any trail that you may have left on any computer after using it, in such a way that no malicious user will be able to violate your privacy. The program has various sections from which you will be able to eliminate all the information related to the browsers or totally eliminate files from your hard drive, for example.

Some people may find the interface somewhat confusing if they aren't used to this kind of tool, but once they work with all the program's functions, there should be no problem at all to be able to use the program perfectly.

Main features

Among the most important features of this application, it's worth highlighting the following:

  • Automate the cleaning processes.
  • Delete any data that may affect the user's privacy stored on any browser.
  • Function to eliminate any trace left on Windows.
  • Possibility to assign keyboard shortcuts to enable various of the program's functions.
  • Support for plug-ins compatible with more than 200 different programs (Office, Windows Media Player, ACDSee,...).

If you're looking for the ultimate tool to delete any trail from your PC and thus optimize your privacy, download and install this tool on your computer.

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