Ghostery Ghostery is a web browser extension thanks to which you can control the data you share on the Internet, which is also known as your digital footprint
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When we browse the Internet we always leave a trail of data, our digital footprint, that probably reveals more information about us than what we'd like. This digital footprint allows companies to create profiles about us to learn how we interact with their webs and those of their competitors.

Ghostery Browser, the extension that protects our privacy

The fact is that not only our privacy is affected, but also the way we browse: these trackers make our browsing slower by affecting the page load speed. With a browser add-on like Ghostery, we can solve the problem.

What can we do with Ghostery?

Its usefulness is based on four main features:

  • Faster page loading.
  • Get rid of web contents that you're not interested in and just focus on the important things.
  • Control your information.
  • Keep up with the information you share and control it.

This is a browser extension that can be used on Google Chrome as well as Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Requirements and additional information:
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Antony Peel
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