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Opera Browser is one of the most veteran web browsers that incorporates a wide range of functions and features that turn it into a great alternative


The most stable, fast and safe alternative web browser

February 6, 2024
9 / 10

Web browsing has two major actors known by us all: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Both of them are battling it out to see which one can win over the highest number of users in the world. Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Yandex, and others are still trailing a far way behind. But as the most serious and best alternative to them all, we can download Opera for PC.

A veteran and avantgarde browser

Back in 1995 many people didn't even know what the Internet was, but that year people could download Opera for the first time, a browser that is nearly as old as Netscape Navigator but that has managed to stay in force over time and consolidate an increasingly large user base. For such reason, not only is it available on Windows, but also on PCs with Linux, Mac, in APK format for Android devices, as well as on iPhone and iPad with its Coast and Mini versions.

Available on Windows 95, XP and Vista, as well as the modern versions of the operating system.

And if we're talking about this browser, it's not only due to its usability, speed, and versatility to adapt to the latest web standards that have turned it into a serious alternative to Chrome and Firefox. But also to the fact that it has always been a forerunner in the implementations of daring and advanced ideas that have later been copied by its competitors, such as the speed dial, the pop-up blocker, user sessions, private browsing or tab-based browsing.

Main features

It comes along with a series of functions that contribute towards creating a unique browsing experience, such as:

  • Greater security thanks to its protection against frauds and malware on the Internet.
  • Free VPN function to browse with built-in privacy.
  • Adblocker to block adverts without needing to download and install extensions, speeding up the loading time of web pages up to 90%.
  • Different functions for multitask support: visual bookmarks, tab-based browsing, customizable shortcuts, pop-up video function to not interrupt your work while browsing and playing videos...
  • Faster browsing thanks to its turbo compression function.
  • Optimized consumption of resources conceived for laptop computers.
  • Customization with over 1,000 extensions or add-ons and hundreds of themes to give the browser your personal touch.
  • Synchronization with other devices, whether computers, smartphones or tablets.
  • Channel with custom news.

Apart from all the latter, you'll also come across functions that are now quite common in other browsers, such as hotkeys, incognito browsing or a wide range of options for advanced users that want to control the slightest details of their browsing experience.

Not any old browser, but a forerunner with ground-breaking ideas.

If we were to break down its pros and cons it can't stand the comparison with Chrome's performance (just like all browsers). However, it offers us some really good results in this sense, that are compensated due to other features that make it very usable, as well as those relative to the user's privacy.

Without a doubt, Opera for PC a very reliable alternative browser with plenty of experience that you can download to your PC.

What's new in the latest version

  • Now the main webs don't always show a large icon.
  • Disables the scroll on the tab bar in Windows 7.
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