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Opera is definitely one of the quickest and most complete web browsers around. Make the most of all its features and functions on your Mac computer


The best alternative in the world of web browsers

March 30, 2022
9 / 10

Even though the browser war seems to be taking place among the giants, Opera is still in the thick of things, managing to make them seem silly each time it applies a major update. It was the first browser to include tab browsing, it also included widgets and it has had extensions for plenty of time now.

Opera. Made for your computer.

Main features

One of its most useful functions is the use of the totally customizable and dynamic home page, that shows the web captures that we indicate. Something that has later been implemented in other browsers. Furthermore, Opera implements the possibility to create a small web server in the browser itself, so as to be able to have a blog, share files or create a multimedia player for streaming. And all of this in compliance with the MyOpera portal that the users will have available by simply registering.

Opera is also one of the quickest web browsers, including the possibility to download files by means of the BitTorrent network, synchronization between browsers, mouse gestures...

What's new

  • Discover function where you can find news and enjoy high quality contents.
  • Incorporates an off-road mode that compresses pages for a faster browsing experience in any environment.
  • Quick access to favorites.

This is one of the most complete browsers that can be found, and its successive updates keep it on the cutting edge in what regards to performance, speed and quality.

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