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Brave Browser is a popular browser based on Chromium and its main feature is to have an integrated Adblock function that speeds up user's navigation


Fast browser with built-in advertising blocker

June 26, 2024
8 / 10

The user's privacy on the Internet and protecting themselves from the use and data collection for commercial purposes (do not think you are so important, they only want to sell you things) is one of the problems faced by users on the Internet. That is why there are alternative browsers to Chrome, Edge, Firefox and others focused on isolating the Internet user from the malicious advertising intentions of hundreds of thousands of websites. One of these alternative browsers is Brave Browser.

Faster and safer browsing without advertising

This browser, also available in its Android version, is based on Chromium and it offers a navigation experience focused on blocking advertising and trackers of visited pages. Its adblocker also speeds up the loading of websites by excluding advertising elements from them.

These are the main features you will find in this desktop browser:

  • Eliminates advertising in your Internet navigation thanks to its adblocker.
  • Reduces website loading time.
  • It avoids the tracking of website trackers.
  • It has Chromium functions.
  • Private browsing mode with data encryption and cookie blocking.
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