Web Browsers for Windows

Download the latest version of the most popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer or discover other minority web navigators

Google Chrome 89.0.4389.72 English
Google Chrome 89.0.4389.72

Google's web browser

Firefox 86.0 English
Firefox 86.0

The web browser by the Mozilla Foundation

Opera 74.0.3911.107 English
Opera 74.0.3911.107

The most stable, fast and safe alternative web browser

UC Browser English
UC Browser

Fast web browser with low data consumption

Internet Explorer 10 English

The latest version of Microsoft's browser

Internet Explorer 11 English

The latest stable version of Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 8 English

The web browser developed by Microsoft

Flash Player Internet Explorer English

Access and make the most of interactive Internet contents

Internet Explorer 9 English

The most advanced version of Microsoft's browser

Baidu Spark Browser 43.23.1000.500 English
Baidu Spark Browser 43.23.1000.500

Powerful social browser based on Chromium

Avast Secure Browser 77.1.1831.91 English
Avast Secure Browser 77.1.1831.91

Browse the Internet without fears thanks to Avast

Internet Explorer 7 Standalone English

Install Internet Explorer 7 keeping your former browser

MSN Explorer 7.02.0005.1701 English
MSN Explorer 7.02.0005.1701

Simple browser with very practical functions

Microsoft Edge English
Microsoft Edge 88.0.705.56

The Microsoft Web Browser

AVG Secure Browser 81.1.4223.140 English
AVG Secure Browser 81.1.4223.140

Safely browse the Internet

Epic Browser 71.0.3578.95 English
Epic Browser 71.0.3578.95

A special version of Firefox focused on Indian culture

Internet Explorer 6 SP1 English

The web browser included in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP

EdgeDeflector English

Open all links with your default web browser

Chromium 88.0.4302.0 English
Chromium 88.0.4302.0

The open-source browser that has led to Chrome

Torch Web Browser English
Torch Web Browser

Browser with an integrated multimedia and torrent download manager

Tor Browser 10.0.10 English
Tor Browser 10.0.10

The tool to browse the Internet anonymously

Safari 5.1.7 English
Safari 5.1.7

The Windows version of Apple's browser

Chrometana 2.0.1 English
Chrometana 2.0.1

Redirect Cortana's searches to Chrome

AdBlock for Edge English

Get rid of the adverts

Dillo 3.0.5 English
Dillo 3.0.5

A retro web browser

RockMelt English

Social web browser based on Google Chrome

Firefox Portable 86.0 English

Portable version of the most popular free web browser

Brave 1.13.82 English
Brave 1.13.82

Fast browser with built-in advertising blocker

1stBrowser 62.1.3163.77 English
1stBrowser 62.1.3163.77

The browser that adapts to you and your browsing

Google Chrome Canary 90.0.4426.2 English

Google Chrome's version with the latest updates

Crazy Browser 3.1.0 English

A fast and dynamic web browser

Comodo Dragon 85.0.4183.121 English
Comodo Dragon 85.0.4183.121

Discover the safest way to browse the Internet

GreenBrowser 6.9.1223 English
GreenBrowser 6.9.1223

Browser with dozens of options based on Internet Explorer

Opera GX 63.0.3368.57757 English
Opera GX 63.0.3368.57757

Opera's browser for gamers

UR Browser 67.1.3396.17 English
UR Browser 67.1.3396.17

Usability and customization based on Chromium

Maelstrom English

Web browsing via torrents to avoid censorship

Google Chrome Portable 88.0.4324.190 English
Google Chrome Portable 88.0.4324.190

Portable version of Google Chrome

Yandex Browser 20.11.1 English

The most widespread browser in Russia

Site Specific Browser 4 English

Easily create executables from websites

CoolNovo English

Enhanced version of Chrome