86.0.4400.0 Iron is a web browser based on the popular Google Chrome that has improved privacy features. Download it for free on your computer and browse more securely
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Google Chrome is a browser that is gaining plenty of prominence day after day, with great innovations and very good implementations, but some users aren't at all pleased with the privacy that it offers, that is why the company SRWare has created Iron.

Browse without sharing private data

Of all the information that Google Chrome shares, Iron avoids sending information such as ID Client, Error Reporting or Google Updater, among others. It also has special care in the way that the cookies and the browser's cache are handled.

In all other features, Iron is identical to Google Chrome, using the same JavaScript engine that out-speeds all other browsers while browsing and loading websites, and its model tab treatment, that separates each tab as a different process. Furthermore, it already integrates an ad blocker in the browser, something that isn't included in Chrome.

Fast loading and ad blocking without sacrificing your privacy.

The only drawback of Iron is that, due to security measures, it doesn't integrate an automatic updater, so we'll have to access the developer's website quite often to obtain the latest updates to the browser.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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