Mozilla Firefox Quantum has become one of the most popular web browsers thanks to its stability, speed, and compatibility with the main web standards

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What is Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum is the name given to the latest overhaul of the Mozilla Firefox browser. It’s the next generation of one of the most popular web browsers in the world that has renovated some of the most sensitive aspects of its development to offer us, above all, a greater speed and performance.

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How Firefox Quantum works

From the user’s point of view, and beyond all the aesthetical changes made to its interface, Firefox Quantum works like any other web browser. In other words, you only have to type an URL into the address bar and you’ll be taken straight to the web page in question. The thing is that certain changes have been made to the internal structure of the development, that have to do with its multiprocess functioning and, therefore, the processes are now managed in a different manner.

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How to install Firefox Quantum on Windows

To install Mozilla Firefox Quantum on Windows, you just have to follow these simple steps:

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