Arado allows to synchronize the favorites between all your devices with a database. After you download Arado to control all your favorites and bookmarks


The definitive bookmarker manager

February 10, 2011
7 / 10

The longer Internet is used, the higher the amount of favorites/bookmarks that you end up accumulating in your browser, there comes a point in which it comes in very handy to have a database that will allow you to control each and every one of them, like Arado.

Manage the bookmarks and favorites of your web browser

This program is a URL manager that unlike others, doesn't import the data from the browser, it asks the user to add it directly one by one, creating a database with customized information with all the data that is input. As well as URLs, Arado also allows the possibility to store the references to email addresses and the reception of RSS feeds.

How the program works is rather simple, once you have input all the data, you will only have to select the keyword related with the information you are looking for and Arado will show all the related URLs on the screen, as simple as that.

What's more, Arado allows the possibility to create a computer network to be able to synchronize all the URLs of the database, this can be used to be able to share information with your friends or within a workgroup, or simply to have all your bookmarks synchronized on all your computers and devices. Therefore, if you want to have a database with all your favorites, download and install Arado as soon as possible.

Héctor Hernández

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