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Compare the security options activated depending on the area

May 8, 2019
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Internet Explorer Zone Analyzer is a utility with which you will be able to compare the security options activated in the Microsoft browser, depending on the area in which you are working (secure websites, Internet, Intranet,...), in such a way that you can find which is the effective way to configure Internet Explorer so as to avoid being exposed to any kind of attack.

Security function comparer for IE

The browser developed by Microsoft has a security system based on areas that is ideal, depending on where you are browsing, to activate one security level or another, in such a way that, if you are looking for information in your company's Intranet, you won't have to have your maximum security level activated, for example.

The program allows to select between two configuration modes to compare each of them, and in the main window of the program, you will be able to see all the most drastic changes, in such a way that when it comes to configuring Internet Explorer you will know which systems are active and which aren't.

Discover the differences between the security options of the most popular Windows browser, thanks to Internet Explorer Zone Analyzer.

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